Louisiana Dried Shrimp Co LLC

Producer, processor and the wholesaler of dried shrimp in USA

For SMS only: 504-382-0140

We are a fourth generation shrimp drying company. We buy fresh Louisiana shrimp and make high quality dried shrimp. We package and ship to buyers. We have been in business for over 50 years. We employ 6 people.

FDA certification

Robert Collins is a third-generation shrimp drier in Grand Isle—his teenage son, also named Robert, seems poised to take the company into its fourth generation. Robert inherited the family business, Louisiana Dried Shrimp Co., from his father, who learned to dry shrimp from his father, who learned to dry shrimp from the Chinese shrimp driers who used to corner the dried shrimp market in and around Grand Isle back when a portion of the island was known as China Town. When Robert was a child, they dried shrimp with sun power, spreading them out on platforms. They used a similar technique with whole speckled trout, which Robert remembers his father learning to dry from a Chinese man.