Supercamp @ Vanier College

Why Supercamp?

Because it's a fun, safe learning experience emphasizing on skill building and learning. It is a teamwork oriented program that is challenging and confidence building. We are continuously encouraging the children to give it their best. Our talented, fun-loving staff and great facilities help Supercamp create a enthusiastic, enriching friendly learning environment for children.

Camp Staff
Supercamp is over 80 employees devoted to creating memories to last a lifetime! With our well-trained, prepared and dynamic team of counsellors, we are committed to giving your child the very best!
Other essential staff on our Supercamp team include the camp director supported by a team of coordinators who are responsible for the children’s well-being  the supervision of all employees. A coordinator is in charge of health and safety. She is trained and prepared to prevent injuries as well as deal with incidents. Our behaviour intervention coordinator invents ingenious solutions for the children to thrive during their stay. Our animation coordinator prepares the games and activities so your child has as much fun as possible. A coordinator is also responsible for all aquatic activities and pool management. Two office managers are also assigned to administrative tasks and answering all your questions.
Camp counsellors must be at least 17 years old to work at Supercamp. Exceptions are counsellors assigned to extended supervision hours, who may choose to start working at age 16.
Prior to the start of camp, Supercamp staff receives at least 50 hours of training to ensure they are thoroughly prepared for the upcoming summer. Its focuses are mainly on supervision and safety training which include behaviour intervention, animation and injury prevention. All staff must obtain their First Aid certification before the start of camp and counsellors carry their first aid kits on them at all times.

are located on the Vanier College campus in Saint-Laurent. All in close proximity, our facilities include:
• Outdoor and indoor rock climbing walls
• Large swimming pool
• Two racquetball courts
• Brand new turf soccer field
• Three large gymnasiums
• Palestra
• Two dance studios
• Fitness center
• Spacious outdoor fields
• Computer labs
• Science lab
• Two art workshops
• Music room
• And so much more!

*All gymnastics activities take place in the palestra. In addition to an abundance of mats for safe landings, it is equipped with balance beams, parallel bars, as well as a trampoline.

We are now a fully certified member of “Association des camps du Québec”. Hence, Supercamp @ Vanier College follows a set of strict guidelines, meeting over 60 standardized requirements, relating to supervision, programming, environment, health and food. Since it is our priority to maintain the quality of services rendered and the safety of all campers, this helps camps like us regulate our practice and offer the best.